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“I have been a member of the gym for just over 2 years now. When I joined, on a 6 weeks challenge, I had no idea that Crossfit was for everyone. I loved it. This gym is about meeting people where they are at and building them up. It’s about supporting members and making everyone feel like they belong and that fitness is always an achievable goal, no matter where you start from. This has been a great journey for me.”


“Panda Performance Lab (PPL) is an amazing place: the community, the camaraderie are phenomenal. What puts PPL in a special category is the coaches. They are knowledgeable and have guided me to be in the best shape of my life. If you are looking to get in shape while having lots of fun with a group of dedicated coaches, PPL is the place for you!”


“I have been a member of Panda Performance Lab (PPL) for a number of years now. PPL has become a second home from me and is a great place to retreat to after a busy and stressful day at the office. Adam and the coaching staff have created a community of inclusion, fun and hard work. The constantly growing “Panda Family” have become my extended family and have made it so coming to the gym every day is enjoyable. The programming at PPL is consistently challenging which has created an environment of hard workers as well as provides support for all levels of fitness abilities. Adam is constantly looking at ways to bring more to the members to vary what we are doing so we are always pushed in creative and new ways. From experienced athletes to new to the gym athletes, Panda Performance Lab is a great place to call home!”MEGAN N