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Panda Performance Lab is committed to ensuring that the gym is a safe place for members and staff. The purpose of this document is to outline COVID-19 related policies and procedures to ensure the safety and health of our employees and clients.

Panda Performance Lab is a private (member only) gym with 2,500 sq ft of indoor training area. We offer small fitness classes and personal training services. In response to COVID19, our maximum class size is 8 clients plus two coach. Physical distancing must be observed.

Each client is required to reserve a training time, a minimum of 4 hours prior, and no drop-ins are allowed. More details are contained in this document.

Maximum occupancy of the facility is 10 people; however, at most, only 8 clients may be at any one training time.

This document contains the following sections:

  • Workplace conduct
  • Covid-19 information
  • Elimination: High risk workers and clients
  • Elimination: Capacity and utilization limits
  • Application
  • Weekly Review
  • Risk assessment
  • Physical distancing guidelines
  • Coach and worker administration guidelines
  • Client guidelines and session procedures
  • Worker guidelines and session procedures
  • Weekly review
  • Covid-19 approved cleaning products utilized
  • Daily cleaning procedures
  • Restocking of supplies
  • Reporting concerns
  • When to report
  • What to report
  • Reporting contact
  • Alternate reporting
  • What to include in report
  • Weekly Review


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Covid-19 Return to Operations

Policy Statement

  1. Workplace conduct
    1. Panda Performance Lab, its staff and clients will do everything possible, including following all requirements laid out by the provincial and federal government, to minimize the chances of spreading Covid-19.
  2. Covid-19 Information
    1. Symptoms include:
    2. Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite
    3. Since carriers of Covid-19 have the potential to show no signs or symptoms, our approach will be to assume that any and all workers & clients may be potential carriers
    4. Transmitted via liquid droplets when a person coughs or sneezes. The virus can enter through these droplets through the eyes, nose or throat if you are in close contact
    5. Is NOT known to be airborne or enter through skin, but CAN be spread by touch if a person has used their hands to over their mouth or nose when they cough
  3. Elimination: High risk workers and clients
    1. All coaches and clients will self screen prior to entry of the facility following the BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool guidelines
    2. Coaches & clients will be checked in on 12-24 hours prior to entering the facility to ensure they have passed a self assessment before entry
    3. If a worker or client shows any signs or symptoms:
    4. They will not be permitted entry to the facility OR will be asked to leave immediately
    5. Recommended to stay home and self isolate and self monitor
    6. If a coach or client is returning from outside of the country they will not be permitted entry, and will recommended to stay home and self isolate and self monitor
    7. Risks of working alone has been assessed at a 6 based on the WCB Working Alone Risk Assessment Worksheet
    8. Check-ins will be done daily @ 10:00AM when coaches may be at facility alone
    9. Emergency contact information has been added to the front entries in case of a coach no-show for 6:00AM sessions or first blocks of day
  4. Elimination: Capacity and utilization limits
    1. Panda Performance Lab will follow a phased approach to increasing the capacity and worker to client ratio within the facility.
    2. The phased approach will allow workers and clients to ensure all protocols are safely followed before beginning to increase capacity.
  5. Application
    1. This policy statement applies to all workers, including part time and contractors, as well as all clients who enter the facility or utilize our services.
  6. Weekly review
    1. This policy will be reviewed and updated weekly based on government guidelines and performance, all workers will be provided a copy when updated.

Covid-19 Return to Work Rules, Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Risk Assessment
    1. The highest risk situations in our operations are:
      1. Client to client or client to coach direct physical contact
      2. Sharing of exercise equipment including but not limited to: pull-up bars, barbells, medicine balls, mats, and weights
      3. Sharing of floor space
      4. Workouts have potential for heavy breathing, sweating, and releasing of additional airborne particles while exercising
    2. Physical Distancing Guidelines
      1. Clients will have a designated area for their sessions
        1. each area will have enough room for the client to move freely and allow all athletes to stay 2m apart during their sessions
        2. the session coach will not come within 2m of the client during their sessions unless wearing a mask
      2. Entry and exit paths will be clearly labelled to work around exercise spaces
      3. If physical distancing protocols MUST be broken for client safety or other emergencies
        1. client and coach will be recommended to self assess utilizing the British Columbia COVID-19 Self Assessment tool
      4. There is a designated walking lane clearly marked on the floor – making it easy for coaches and clients to maintain social distance when moving throughout the facility for any reason
      5. Athletes will be required to wear a mask at any time that they are outside of their workout box
        1. Once inside their socially distanced box, athletes may remove their mask if they choose
      6. Coach and Worker Administrative Guidelines
        1. All meetings that can be done remotely will be
          1. All work that can be completed at home will be
          2. All coaches will be required to self assess 12 hours prior to any appointments or entering the facility
        2. Coaches will be admitted entry to the facility for scheduled appointments only, in order to control the number of workers in the facility at any given time
        3. Coaches will lay out all equipment that is to be utilized for their session in advance, and then pre-clean it following cleaning protocols below
          1. During the session, coach’s will refrain from touching the clients equipment – if required to step in (for safety) the coach will disinfect anything they touch
          2. After the session, the coach will clean all equipment that was taken out for the client
        4. Coaches will be required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entry, before exit, and between clients
          1. additional hand washing will be expected if they cough or sneeze (into their arm – not hands) or touch their face when in the facility
        5. When / if available – workers will have their temperature checked (touchless) prior to entry


  1. Client Guidelines and Session Procedures

Group class & Private Training Procedure:
Open Gym Procedure: 

  1. The number of clients permitted in the facility at any given time will be limited based on a multi phase approach in order to allow us to assess that all practices and procedures are being executed
  2. Clients will not be permitted into the facility until a staff member has indicated it is ok to do so, and their temperature has been checked
    1. Any clients waiting for their session will wait outside, or in their own cars, until permitted to enter by their coach
    2. Clients who need to wait inside (due to weather conditions etc) must follow the updated mask protocol
  3. All clients will be asked to self assess utilizing the British Columbia COVID-19 Self Assessment tool 4-12 hours prior to their sessions
    1. Clients will sign updated waiver stating that they by entering the facility they are confirming they have done their self assessment (see waiver here)
  4. All sessions will be by reservation in advance, no walk-ins or drop-ins will be permitted
    1. Clients that show any signs or symptoms will not be permitted to attend their session, and cancellation fees will be waived when necessary
  5. Upon entry, all clients will:
    1. disinfect or wash their hands
    2. use of the cubby area and mezzanine are closed until further notice – bags must remain in their square to minimize equipment they bring in
    3. be asked to change in advance of their session in order to avoid utilizing changerooms
    4. utilize designated entry and exit doors for coaches and clients to minimize touching
  6. All clients will be in charge of handling and moving their own equipment during their session
  7. Clients will not be permitted to ‘linger’ in space or come in close contact with other clients or workers during their sessions
  8. Clients have the option to request that their coach wear a mask during their session


  1. Worker Guidelines and Session Procedures
    1. Prior to the session;
      1. clients will have acknowledged that they have self screened and follow entry / exit procedures as outlined above
    2. During the session:
      1. The coach will not come within 2m of the client – except in case of emergency (outlined below)
        1. For coaches who are seeing the same client on a regular basis – they may be in closer proximity if approved to be within each others ‘circles’
      2. The coach will minimize touching of any equipment that the client us utilizing
        1. IF a coach does touch clients equipment they will utilize clean gloves to touch any equipment the client is using
      3. The coach will wear a mask IF the client requests it
      4. The coach will wear a mask at all times that they may be within 2m of the client
    3. In case of an emergency during session
      1. All coaches will have a mask and gloves on hand to be utilized if required to come within 2m of the client
      2. If a coach is forced to break social distancing measures, that client will be followed up with 24 hours after their session for signs or symptoms
    4. After the session:
      1. clients will break down their utilized equipment and either;
        1. disinfect and return it if they have been trained on how to do so
        2. leave it in their area for coach to disinfect and put away
      2. The coach will then follow the same procedures as outline in ‘Prior to the session’ and soak all utilize equipment before returning it
      3. Coaches will also soak & clean the floor and minimum 5’ surrounding area that was utilized by the client for the session
    5. Additional hand sanitizing stations will be made available throughout the facility for coaches and clients to utilize
    6. Liquid soap and paper towel will always be available at all 4 sinks in the facility
      1. see ‘restocking of supplies’ below for process to ensure all products are available at all times
    7. Weekly Review

This policy will be reviewed and updated weekly based on government guidelines and performance. All workers will be provided a copy, and all clients provided copies of relevant information to them.


Covid-19 Full Cleaning Procedures

  1. COVID-19 Approved Cleaning Products utilized
    1. Sanitol disinfectant & deodorizer
    2. To dis-infect pre-cleaned, inanimate, hard surfaces apply this product with mope, cloth, sponge or course (trigger) spray so as to wet all surfaces thoroughly. Allow to remain wet for 10 minutes, then remove excess liquid. Prepare a fresh solution for each use. Use 22ml of Sanitol / 4L water
    3. Disinfectant Wipes
      1. To dis-infect hard, non-porous surfaces, thoroughly wet surface to be treated. Treated surfaces must remain visibly wet for disinfecting. Use enough wipes for treated surfaces to be wet for 5 minutes. For heavily soiled surfaces, clean before following disinfecting Instructions.
    4. Cloths
      1. Clean Cloths will be placed in each pod before and after each class / Cloths are taken for cleaning multiple times throughout the week
    5. Daily Cleaning Procedures
      1. Facility floors will be mopped daily prior to client entry
        1. Utilized spaces will be mopped between clients or sessions
      2. Full facility high traffic areas and equipment will be disinfected daily
        1. Utilized equipment will be disinfected between every client or session
      3. Coaches will disinfect all high traffic areas between every session or after they have touched them, this includes;
        1. doorknobs, buttons, light switches and other commonly touched tools bathroom faucets toilette handles, and dispensers
      4. Clients will be asked to disinfect faucets, toilets handle, and dispensers after every bathroom use
      5. When possible, doors will remain open & fans engaged to ensure circulation of air through facility


  1. Restocking of supplies

There will be a designated ‘cleaning station’ at each training area, each cleaning station will include:

  1. Sanitol spray bottles
    1. They will be filled when empty or topped-up at the end of day and full at the start of each day
  2. a minimum of one cloth
    1. They will be replaced daily OR as needed between sessions

Covid-19 Reporting, Concerns, and Communication Procedures

16.    Reporting Concerns

1. Any client or worker concerns that are reported will be taken very seriously and looked into by Panda Performance Lab

2. Concerns may be reported via written complaint via the attached form, email, or verbal complaint; in which case the reporting contact will fill out the form

17.    When to Report

  1. Incidents and complaints should be reported immediately, or as soon as possible after experiencing or witnessing a breach or health concern
  1. What to Report
    1. Workers should and clients should report:
      1. Any breach of these procedures by clients or other workers
      2. Any concerns they have regarding their own health, both physical and mental, and working in the facility during this time


  1. Reporting Contact

Any incidents or or complaints should be reported to:

  1. Adam Tulk
    606 612 7853
  2. Alternate Reporting Contact
    1. if for some reason the worker or client is unable to report to the above contact, they should report directly to their session coach, who will then follow up with the contact above
    2. when this is not possible, reports should be made to Tom Parker –
  3. What to include in a report
    1. As much detail as possible regarding:
      1. The specific breach or concern, their related health concern due to breach, any supporting documents of the concern (photos etc)
    2. Due to the constantly changing nature of the situation, reports can also include requests for adjustments to procedures and conduct that would help the worker or client feel safer
      1. All requests will be taken seriously and into consideration and will be discussed at each review of these procedures
    3. Weekly Review

This policy will be reviewed and updated weekly based on government guidelines and performance.

COVID-19 Procedures Request or Complaint Form

Name and contact information of complainant
Nature of complaint / concern or a procedure request

Personal statement

Please describe in as much detail as possible…

Breach or Complaint:

Name of worker who breached the procedure

What procedure was breached

Date / time breach occurred

Severity of breach and any related direct or indirect concerns to your health

Procedure request:

Specific details of your procedure request

How this request will help you (or other workers / clients) stay safer / healthier in the facility

Any direct or indirect concerns related to your health without your requested procedure

Attach any supporting documents, such as photographs etc. can be attached to this or emailed to the reporting contact.



Signature of complainantDate


Signature of reporting contactPrinted name of reporting contact